Now that a workshop space has become available at the Collection Centre, the Trust has started its next major bus restoration project - Aberdeen Corporation single deck Daimler number 11, latterly renumbered 41.  This is the vehicle which is the Trust’s emblem.

Number 11 was new in 1947 and had bodywork by Walker of Kittybrewster not too dissimilar to that on the 1930 Albion, number 79. However, it was rebodied by Alexander of Falkirk in 1958 and lasted in service with ACT until 1972. To date, the main frame of the bodywork has been found to be in good condition although there are many weaknesses and failures in secondary bodywork assemblies. And, after all the years, the engine runs, but again there is much to be done in bringing all the mechanical units up to a satisfactory standard.

There were originally seven of these single deck vehicles and, by a quirk of fate:

(i) another of the batch, number 14 (latterly number 44) has survived,

(ii) 14 has also come into the care of the Trust,

(iii) its restoration has now been started.

A small group of supporters based at the Scottish Vintage Bus Museum, Lathalmond, has taken on the project and in early November number 14 was shipped to Lathalmond courtesy of Colin Lawson Transport Ltd of Aberdeen. Number 14 was heavily rebuilt in the Corporation’s workshops and it is the intention of the project group to return the vehicle to its original condition.

Do you have the required skills to help with this work, or would you be prepared to help sponsor the work? If so, please get in touch by using the Get in Touch section on the web site.

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